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Transforum 2017

Finding Common Ground
-Bridging the Gap in a Divided Country-

Adam Peacocke speaks at Transforum 2017


Are we at the point of another reformation as we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation?

Are we at the beginning of a very significant change in Christ’s church that will change the world?

Recognizing that reformations occur at times of deep problems, these are very relevant questions. Historically, reformations move into periods of serious chaos followed by resolution of major issues and a shift into a “new normal.» At the 2017 Transforum, we sought points of common ground in our understanding to be able to work towards resolutions to further extend the Kingdom of God into cultures and nations.

Speakers: Dr. Lance Wallnau, Dennis Peacocke, and Ron Coverson


Our four keynote speakers addressed this issue in differing ways:

  1. Dennis Peacocke opened Thursday evening with an overview of the current political/economic challenges and how this chaos can lead to reformation.
  2. Dr. Lance Wallnau

    Lance Wallnau then gave a stirring presentation on the perspective of the psychological process of group change saying, «Evangelism isn’t just about salvation, it’s about the substance of superior ideas.» On Friday morning, Dr. Wallnau recounted the story of one man’s visionary financing for the political left, creating a global, social, and financial strategy comprised of multiple cooperating organizations under the financial control of one organization, Thunder Road. He expressed that Christians must also think strategically if we are to influence the Seven Mountains of society (religion, family, education, business, government, media, and the arts/entertainment).

  3. Friday evening, Ron Coverson gave a powerful teaching on the shift from western rationalism to post-modern philosophy; he discussed how this wrestling with the existence of ultimate truth has major social implications on the world. He encouraged, «It’s more important to keep the conversation going and growing, than to be right.»
  4. The message Adam Peacocke gave Saturday afternoon challenged us all. He used the example of the Pharisees who became Christians but still insisted on following the law–a classic case of how being too focused on the last move of God impedes the present move of God. When we double back on the very things being changed by God’s current move, we are hindering His purposes. He reminded us to seek the Lord’s wisdom instead of our own saying, «Sometimes God uses the problems we can’t solve to show us the problems we can’t see.»
  5. In closing Saturday afternoon, Dennis spoke on Ephesians 3:1 where Paul, «the prisoner of Christ Jesus for the sake of you Gentiles» demonstrates the reality that there is no such thing as absolute freedom because, ultimately, we are either imprisoned by self or by Jesus Christ.
Discussion group breakout


Each day discussion groups allowed new connections to be made while broadening each other’s insights from the teachings. Along with opening worship there was wonderful comradery among the attendees. GoStrategic’s Director of Operations, Katherine Gallagher, reported, «We had attendees from 12 different states and 4 other countries. It’s always so exciting to me to see the new relationships formed amongst the participants!»

The Transforum also serves as the annual kick-off to the new school year for both the Business Leadership School (BLS) and Strategic Life Training (SLT), as well as a time to celebrate those who have just graduated.

Workshop breakouts prepared students of BLS and SLT with the teachings most foundational for each of the schools. In one joint workshop, Adam Peacocke taught on the overlaying subject of Strategic Thinking basic to Christian worldview. After all, «strategic» is our key word!

Allison Thomson, Amber Magness, and Faith & Ken Negvesky working at the product table


The Statesmen Project met before and after the event and concurrent with the workshop breakouts to maximize their time together. Their focus was on the building out of effective social ministries in participating cities through City Action Councils. These councils form a centering organizational structure for social services, public policy solutions, and effective spiritual prayer bases that influence and strengthen the practice of local problem solving. The 40 or so participants shared active and successful strategies where Statesmen are affecting cities throughout our nation.

Dr. Patti Amsden sharing a prophetic word at the conference


The Holy Spirit was especially present in worship


What was commonly agreed as the most meaningful element of the Transforum was the presence of the Holy Spirit which was strongly felt not only in the content of the messages, but also in the powerful times of worship commencing each day. A closing highlight was the graduation banquet Saturday evening where we were blessed by Steve Puleo’s beautiful crooning and his spontaneous encouragement of couples to dance which created a sweet moment for us all.

We were blessed by all the Holy Spirit did and look forward to building on what was received!


Steve Puleo serenading banquet attendees


Honoring Business Leadership School graduates


Praying over our Strategic Life Training graduates


Partnership in Education

This was the third year we were blessed to have students from Christ for the Nations Institute attend the Transforum event. CFNI is an interdenominational Christian Bible college located in Dallas, Texas which offers a variety of ministry degrees.
The sponsor who made this possible reports, «We are excited to see that this year seven students received scholarships to attend the Transform in Santa Rosa, California. These students are studying  at CFNI in Dallas and are taking classes taught by Dr. Gerald Chester fromBLSandStrategies@Workcurricula.» A graduate of both schools, he explains, «Being able to assist others to learn the same things that have brought life to me is tremendously rewarding.»
How it all began: Over the years, Dennis Peacocke and Apostle Dutch Sheets have shared in many powerful discussions around the Kingdom of God and, in particular, Dennis’ vision of discipling nations as a supreme Kingdom act. So when Dutch was asked by CFNI, his alma mater, to serve as their Executive Director, he called Dennis at that time excited to talk about ways to bring more kingdom-based theology in their Christ-centered curriculum. As a result, Dennis’ book,Winning the Battle for the Minds of Men, became a mandatory part of their first-year course followed by the integration of theBusiness Leadership School’scurriculum into a course for Marketplace Ministry Leadership majors.
A seasoned facilitator for GoStrategic and now in his third year as a professor at CFNI, Dr. Chester discussed the growth in the marketplace track at the college. «I wish you could be a bird on my shoulder to see how rich their engagement and interaction is. I have the privilege of feasting spiritually through these students because Dennis discipled me. We are having the privilege now of equipping them to disciple others. Being able to assist others to learn the same things that have brought life to me is tremendously rewarding.» It is a generational thing.
The students who attended the Transforum this year were a diverse group by age, gender, ethnicity, and nationality, and strong in the same heart we all share in Christ. One is a dentist who stopped her practice when she heard God tell her to go and get trained, and now she and the others have a whole new worldview and path open before them.
The group has had two follow-up meetings since they returned to Dallas where they have considered the question: What was the sound I heard and how can I bring its change into my life? Dr. Chester reports that the message was transforming and they have been energized and blessed by it. «For me as a teacher it is exhilarating to work with these students. The essence of what we are teaching is discipleship and we can see this through the disciples Dennis has made through the years.»


CFNI Students with Dr. Gerald & Carol Chester


Transforum 2017 Recordings Now Available

Main Sessions: MP3 | CD
BLS Workshops: MP3
SLT Workshops: MP3


We Appreciate Your Prayers for…

* Preparation for the rolling out of the business plan for The Statesmen Project’s City Action Councils.
* Building of national prayer teams through The Statesmen Project.
* Student registration for the upcoming school year of the Business Leadership School and Strategic Life Training.

* The publication of Dennis’ new book, Tending Your Garden.
* The release of the hardcover edition of Doing Business God’s Way with new cover design. 
* Prayer covering over GoStrategics’s staff, board, school facilitators & students, and affiliate groups abroad.


Thank you for your faithful prayers & support!


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