Biblical Sin Speech is Love Speech, Not Hate Speech

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October 2016

For whom the LORD loves He reproves, Even as a father corrects the son in whom he delights. —Proverbs 3:12

The world system frequently masks itself in the camouflage of looking like justice and righteousness. The most powerful deception is great counterfeiting. Really effective deception is flooding the market with so much counterfeiting that it becomes “true” or “reality” simply due to effective repetition. Modern man, armed with historic levels of communication devices and skill sets, currently has virtually unlimited avenues to humanity and the varied ways to deceive him. True reality, both ethically, spiritually, and sociologically, therefore becomes more and more elusive.

This being true, we are being forced to put greater and greater energy and diligence to appropriately “demand” that the Spirit of God guide us, guard us, and inform us. Human deception has never worn so many faces and held such ubiquitous demands upon our perceptions as we see today. Truly clear thinking becomes more and more difficult to walk in, let alone frequently hear in the public square.

Issues surrounding freedom of speech and freedom to practice are not simply held in our minds; our religious convictions remain the last bastions of truth and reality in our increasingly secular culture. Take away true freedom of speech and the freedom to not just believe but practice our religious convictions, and true pervasive darkness will engulf the land. By no means am I exaggerating the gravity of this situation; my language is insufficient to shed true clarity on its potential affects.

Now, let’s cut to the chase. The reason “political correctness” has been planted firmly and strategically in our culture is really all about this. The main target of this insidious plan is to take away the ability to freely address sin in the culture or model righteousness as a lifestyle. The power behind accusations of hate speech is all about making “sin speech” illegal. The ingenious linking of gay rights to our civil-rights movement is all about banning sin speech. Ultimately, all of the “phobia” accusations have connective tissue to sin speech. Sin speech is said to be intolerant, judgmental, fascist, hateful, ignorant, and even murderous. If you can’t see the plot plainly yet, you will have ample opportunity to see it in the near future. “Gender identity”: guess what it is connected to? The hate speech of sin.

speech-bubbleSo what is true hate speech in its purest form? It is speech that bans, penalizes, or undercuts in any way that which communicates God’s love for people either through encouragement or through warning signals of imminent self-destruction. Love speech from God is “hate speech” regarding the evils of human sin and its current and future implications. If you love me, tell me the truth. If you hate me, cut off my possibilities for change. Stripped of smoke and mirrors, evil hates God. That truth is not bigoted. It is as real as it gets, regardless of how it offends all our intellectual demands to strip our Creator of the right to have the ultimate opinion. Sin speech is love speech, not hate speech. And that really is…